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What is a Backlink and How to increase Backlinks ?

  • 14 October, 2021
  • Sachinkumar Lathiya

Focusing on quality backlinks over quantity is what can help to protect your site as Google updates. ”

-Adam Riemer


Backlink !!!! So much of confusion! Well not really.

Backlinks are the good strangers who come to visit you at your place, simple as that! You can call in these strangers or get really famous so that they keep visiting you without any notice.

Similarly in the virtual world when a user gets transported to some other web resource from your web resource through some link then that link is called BACKLINK, the web resource can be any legit webpage, a website or a web dictionary.

In the previous blog you learnt about SEO and some methods to implement SEO. Click here to learn SEO. In this blog you will learn about some more SEO! Backlink is one of most effective way to reach new people. According to Moz (biggest name in the SEO world) backlink is the best way to gain traffic.

Hence you must consider backlink seriously because it is not just the other fancy word to make you sound smart in meetings, NO.


Backlinks promote your business: Backlinks provide exposure to your online presence. Through backlinks your website is shown upon someone else’s page which helps you to gain traffic and potential customers even. So, backlinks can act as boost if you learn to use them efficiently.

Improve ranking: Google loves genuine content. Having backlink will improve your organic traffic and this will reach Google and your website will rank better automatically, because high quality backlinks speak ounces about your authority.

Goes hand-in-hand with social media: Create backlinks on your personal social media accounts and page, this will assure you many potential users and organic traffic. LinkedIn can help you a lot with. Set up links for all social media sites.


Once your website is on air many links will keep coming to your website but then it very important to allow only and only good websites to have your backlink.

This is significant because running your backlink on low grade website or illegal web resource would put your reputation at stake. It’s like you get to know by whom you stay with, your company speaks a lot about you.


Simplest way to have one is requesting fellow website to have your backlink. Whole idea fits in only if there is good probability! This is by far the best method and superior of all.

But again, you can’t shoot in dark. You need something to convince the opposite party and for this you will some strategies, because there is quite a possibility that your mail will get lost!

So you must create a backlink request which is impossible to ignore.

Know what site owners are looking for

Try to learn what your potential backlink provider is looking for, study their website, know them closely and understand their requirements.

Then send a following mail telling them about their good content, try to link your content to theirs in a way (never force it).

Showcase your pitch abilities, because if you have great content handy but looks dull then that does not make much sense. Create visually appealing pitch, this will grab the person’s sight and may lend you a chance.

Remember, never fake and never force down what does not exist. Make short and crisp pitch, just up to the mark.

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