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What is Domain Authority ? Let’s improve it

  • 14 October, 2021
  • Sachinkumar Lathiya

Domain Authority is a VIP ticket for your Website in Google Search Results ”


What Is Domain Authority ?

Domain authority tells you how better your website will score on search engine. It is like your school report card depicting your rank in class, here in the virtual world, report card is provided by Moz and search engine is a class.

Domain authority was developed by Moz, this metric is calculated on the scale of 0-100, where 100 being the best. To calculate the rank multiple factors are considered, such as linking root domain and number of total links. You can use this rank to compare websites or to track a ranking strength.

You can check your website’s DA on Mozbar, Link Exlporer etc.

Best DA can be achieved if your website have high-quality external links, for example google.com or Wikipedia. Thus it becomes very important to have quality inbound links. This is the reason why new websites fail to secure good DA.



Keep an eye on your competitor’s DA, list the tactics you can improve on, try to analyze reasons for better ranking of your rival and take steps towards your own improvement. This will definitely help you to improve your DOMAIN AUTHORITY.

NOTE: Domain authority is a predictive rank of a domain whereas page authority is measure of individual page strength.




Moz Rank is calculated on the scale of 0-10, where 10 being the best. This rank is calculated on the basis of link profile of the domain. Generally the average Moz rank for a webpage is 3. MozRank is measured on the basis of link profile of the domain.


MozRank and MozTrust works on the same parameters that is links. MozTrust estimates the distance of your webpage from a trusted webpage, websites of universities, government are considered to be trusted webpages.

MozTrust is also measured on the scale of 0-10 and 10 being the best. Hence, it is nothing but the indication between your webpage and a trusted web source.

Factors affecting MozTrust:

Domain registration information: For an instance, consider you have 5 websites under one registered domain and out of which three are not good, remaining two are quality websites, then it becomes difficult for you to gain the reputation for the 2 quality websites, the score of bad websites will temper the growth of good ones.

Which websites you choose to link with: Link your website with only good quality and trusted websites. Stay away from illegal and spam web sources.

Data signals of user: Your interaction with other users on web matters as this is used to collect data. Google toolbar, Google analytics, Free wifi are used to collect such data.

Age of your domain: Older your domain, better it is. Old domains have more response rate, so it is advisable to not change your Domain name again and again. Try to use custom domain name from the beginning.



Look at domain authority as a competitive analysis, it is simple. It allows you to compare your web page to others and also let you know the in house ranks of web sources other than yours.

Domain authority tells you your status quo which further can be used for improvements. It is always advisable to get links from higher ranked websites, such websites have high Domain authority, this will help you to score good DA.

Build link network with reputed websites, try to get mentions and links from bloggers and websites with higher DA for maximum impact.


It is human tendency that we trust long term things more, same is with the blogs and websites, search engines will trust your domain more if it is set to last for next 3-4 years rather then it expiring in a year. This becomes a deciding factor for your Domain authority. At the cost of few dollars you can assure higher chances for good DA.


Link network building is the most crucial factor affecting your DOMAIN AUTHORITY. Try to get maximum backlinks from good quality websites. Don’t allow low quality sites to have your backlink and neither buy backlinks from them, because this will do more harm to you than good, doing this will result in negative SEO.


Always link your blog post with other posts of yours, at least with 2-3 other posts, linking in such a way is termed as internal linking. You can always learn internal linking from Wikipedia, they have one of the strongest internal linking structure.


High quality content is must for your overall growth as well as DA. Take the command of your content, publish only best things, take time to research about the topic and write unique content which is easily understandable and simple.

Publish less blogs but publish only quality content. It is better to post 2 good quality content blog a week than publishing all seven days with mediocre or low quality content.

Provide your readers some news breakers which only you are providing. This will help them to build trust on your web source and will remind them to keep coming back.

This is very genuine way to build traffic and score good DA.


Nobody likes to keep waiting while a page gets loaded so make sure your websites gets loaded fast. Also, this (page load time) is the official ranking factor as declared by Google. Check your existing load time at tools.pingdom.


This is other crucial factor for ranking and DA, make sure your website is available on all major social media sites via your personal account or some other way. This is important for trust building and affects the algorithms of Google search engine as well.

Ask your readers to share your content with their friends and other users, this will help to boost ranking and improve indexing.

Note: Keep monitoring your website and remove bad backlinks, use Google Disavow tool to control bad backlinks.



Domain authority is the rank generated by Moz on the scale of 0-100. Link network is the most crucial factor affecting the DA. Remove bad links and keep monitoring your website.

This the beginners guide to Domain authority, if you have any query or need further knowledge then feel free to ask us in the comments below, helping you will make us more happy.

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