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What is SEO ? A Step-by-Step Guide to Learn Seo

  • 14 October, 2021
  • Sachinkumar Lathiya

“ SEO is a noun, verb and adjective”

 — Todd Malicoat


Seo ?? too many Questions !! In a school assembly out of thousands of students only few get a chance to recite prayers, and how everybody treasures to win that opportunity at least once but only handful of those get lucky. Proudly standing in front of whole school!

But have you ever thought WHY? Why these handful of students only achieve that golden luck? Answer is simple; they stand out of crowd in some ways, they are better representatives, have better narration power, and many such other qualities.

So whether it is an unforgettable school assembly or virtual world; the world of information, you need to be different in all the ways you can.

SEO is all about standing out of crowd and winning the golden ticket to high traffic.

Writing great content is inevitable but not sufficient, because every day more than 2 million blogs are published and you must shine out of that.

SEO is a key to reach top.

Quality content helps you to reach half distance but then you need some help to top the list.

SEO is about telling search engine that you have a great content, get Google (or any other search engine) to favor your content and take it all over world and on the top.

SEO is not about tricking Google but staying strategic and true to content.

So let’s get you a way to golden ticket. In this blog I will be discussing;

  • Mind set of searchers
  • How does search work
  • Types of SEO
  • On page SEO and off page SEO


Before jumping into all these topics I want you to be aware of number of searches on Google. Every second Google processes more than 40,000 search queries, which sums to 3.5 billion searches every day.

These searches are only of Google, combining in other engines will definitely be larger. This indicates that 75% of searches occur on Google and out of which 67% click rate goes for the websites on first page.

So now you know how important it is to rank your website on first page itself.


Over 70% of people are unaware of any other search engine than Google. Over 75% of search queries are processed by Google every day.

This sets us to a point that you must be aware about how Google works, there are more than 200 factors that affect your blog or website, half of them are secrets, known to handful of Google people. All you can do is focus on the factors which bothers your content, for this you can see basics of SEO.

So next time you write a blog or content for your website remember to write it in accordance with Google.

You win a jackpot if Google understands what you are trying to convey, that is you win traffic, loads of traffic.




Google uses certain search algorithms to get best results for the requested search query. Which indiactes that lot of sorting is done, most if it is done even before you type your full query.

Google catches keywords from the search query and displays the best result.

So being clear with the keywords shall help you best.



Some things go on for long time and some goes off within short time.

SEO falls for both of these categories, short term and long term.

Like in real life one who tries to achieve everything in matter of days, falls with the same speed while long term person hardly fails. Like the rabbit and tortoise story.


When a user does SEO with great skill to optimize content which can achieve high ranking without bothering about quality and information shared with readers, in short not considering humans. This is called as Black hat SEO.

Hence this is like a scheme to get rich quickly.

Using this technique you can get quick results but with risk of getting banned. People spam such pages which results in quick downfall.


This is SEO type which we use and is recommended to everyone who aims at non-volatile success.

Here focus is on human audience. Here you will have to create content which is relevant and understandable to humans.

This kind of SEO results in sustainable business and is long term effect.

Here there is no risk of spams or getting banned.

You can implement White hat SEO by following rules declared by Google or any other search engine.

White hat SEO automatically assures unique and relevant content.

There is something known as GREY HAT SEO, this type is somewhere between black hat and white hat SEO. Bits of both combined together results in Grey hat SEO.

Most commonly, people prefer using Grey hat SEO as this gives them little freedom to break the rules while delivering quality content.



On-page SEO concerns all the factors which are directly connected to Google ranking; like quality of content, headlines and structure of page.

On other hand Off-page SEO deals with numerous factors which may or may not be in your control, like social media effect, similar blogs like you, competition level, and even personal search history of an user.

For better understand consider this example; you are provided with two choices to have your mid-day meal, first is a small restaurant with shabby opening doors and old interiors but the food is said to be great there, second is a costly restaurant which serves food items having fancy names and brand new furniture with delightful aura but the food reviews are extremely poor.

Which one will you choose?

Well that is a matter of choice but both has its own set of pros and cons.

In case number 1, you will hesitate to go but once you taste the food you will be relaxed. Look this situation as a website with unpleasant graphics but good content, probability of visitor spending more time if higher.

In case number 2, you will enter the place happily but as soon as food reaches your mouth and your senses alert you about bad taste and unpleasant feeling, you will feel like leaving straight way, same happens when bad or irrelevant content is processed with good design and graphics.

Time reader or visitor spends on your website is very important, this marks the ranking. Google always has an eye on your web page, remember.


Always remember, content is the king ( Bill Gates once said this and shall always remain true). If content is original, informative and helpful rest can be taken care off.

For more information on SEO kindly refer how to write SEO friendly content. If you have any query or need further knowledge then feel free to ask us in the comments below, helping you will make us happier.

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